IAACR founder Alison Gray believes all lives matter.  Her compassion & understanding towards those who suffer is limitless & her holistic approach to liberate any animal from suffering has saved over one hundred twenty lives to date.

Alison has a strong aptitude towards understanding different cultures, especially those within third world countries.  She has strong networking & negotiating skills allowing her to provide immediate & long term solutions to achieve a peaceful outcome for both humans & animals.

When it comes to achieving the impossible, Alison has no fear.  When it comes to acting as a voice for the voiceless, she feels she represents many voices.

Alison has two goals.  The first to put together & introduce an education package compulsory for Year 10 students worldwide.

When asked what is the motivation behind this:

“I remember taking typewriting classes for a whole year.  I’ve been a great 10 finger touch typist for all my life now.  I also remember doing Algebra, Pythagorus & Fractions in Mathematics for all of my school life.  None of those three mathematical teachings assist me in any way, shape or form & haven’t done so since I started learning maths.

Animal welfare worldwide is an ongoing issue. I believe it’s imperative that all teenagers learn the importance of animal welfare before leaving school & learning all aspects so they can make better choices & feel equipped with knowledge to continue being the voice for the voiceless.

I hope to encourage more people to be active.

Animals need change now.  We need to do something with such an impact that it wakes the world up.

I believe we were all created to live peacefully amongst each other.  No life is more superior than the another.  This only exists in the animal kingdom food chain & even then, it’s not superiority. It’s natural survival skills.”

Her second goal is to liberate as many animals from suffering as possible.