Indonesia’s focus is mainly on dogs. With animal welfare legislations in place yet disregarded & lapsed, on the ground groups who persevere everyday to educate & bring about change work tirelessly. Some days are rewarding, other days can take their toll.

Indonesia has a high percentage of animal neglect & abandonment. Puppies can be found dumped in tied up plastic bags, left to die or tossed over 10 metre walls because they are not wanted.

Females are especially discarded because they multiply endlessly. Even with sterilisation programs in place, this still poised as a major issue.

Puppies have a satisfactory life span until about 6 months, then their cuteness stage is over & most of the time are left to fend for themselves.

Trophy dogs are kept in tiny & uncomfortable cages for most of their lives.

Dogs get sick & are left untreated then kicked to the side because they’re “ugly” to look at.

Pets are stolen either for breeding or for sale or, for the dog meat trade.

Husbandry inhumanely cull/poison hundreds of dogs every 3 months. People are allowed to poison dogs & people’s pets & get away with it.

The list is endless. Everything in Indonesia needs to be multiplied by 10 for everyone to understand the degree of neglect, abuse & abandonment that happens here every day.

Let’s not forget the treacherous dog meat trade along with over crammed cages at pet markets filled with dehydrated, hungry & undoubtedly sick puppies for sale.

There are no laws protecting animal welfare workers. There are no laws protecting animals.

Everyday groups of animal welfare workers speak up for the voiceless here, we can only hope that one day, things will change for the better.