Name: Lilly
Breed: Bali Dog
Age: 1 year
Gender: Female
Size: Small

Location: US/Canada – Immediate/UK – 90 days
Funded: Required

Fully vaccinated
Tick & flea treated

**Gets along with other dogs & is non aggressive**

**Can be with children**

**No history with cats but shouldn’t be a problem due to calm personality**


Shy & timid
Happy but shy
Playful with other dogs her size
Learns quickly
Looks to older dogs for approval
Easily controllable
Mostly calm
Not confrontational
Not aggressive towards other dogs
Extremely treat motivated
Road smart


Going to the beach/park
Sleeping with on her bed with someone around
Running freely
Interactive play with stimulating toys
Gentle belly rubs
Full body to body seated hugs
Playing with other dogs her size


Being approached with high excitement
High energy people

Lilly was rescued when she was about 3 – 4 months old. She was a tiny little thing & suffering from chronic Demodex Mange as well as Kennel Cough.

Lilly was the only surviving puppy of her litter.  She had to witness the rest of her siblings get run over on the busy road she was left on to fend for herself.

Lilly’s Mother was also severely unwell. She suffered years of neglect & abuse & was practically incurable from chronic fungus all over her skin as well as Demodex Mange.

Lilly was left to fend for herself amongst 6 other adult dogs who although were owned, lived as wild dogs.  She was continually bullied & became extremely insecure.

Lilly’s rescuer nursed her back to health & Lilly currently resides with 9 other dogs with different personalities.  Her shyness, insecurity & timid behavior has never left however, she is 80% much better than what she was.

Lilly doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body however she likes to play a little hard.  She gets excited when playing.  She always seeks approval from older dogs & can be quite easily bullied.

Lilly would thrive in a family who either had gentle adult dogs that could guide her, or smaller dogs she can romp & play with.

She would suit any family situation as long as they were patient, gentle & calm with her.  She’s a real sweetheart.

Lilly’s rescuer would like to secure a home for her outside of Indonesia because black dogs are a meal delicacy. She fears Lilly may not find the correct family who lives behind a securely fenced garden who will treat her as a loved family pet.

Photos of Lilly’s rescue can be obtained via her rescuer.