Name: LuLu
Breed: Mixed Bali/Husky/Labrador Dog
Age: 2 years
Gender: Female
Size: Medium

Location: UK (90 days)
Funded: Yes

Fully vaccinated
Tick & flea treated

**Gets along with other dogs & is non aggressive**

**Can be with children**

**Gets excited by cats & will potentially chase until they settle in together**


Bright & Bubbly
Always happy
Extremely intelligent
Learns quickly
Strong minded
Easily controllable
Mostly calm
Not confrontational
Not aggressive towards other dogs
Gets highly excited by cats
Extremely treat motivated
Road smart


Going to the beach/park
Running freely
Rolling on smelly things
Interactive play with stimulating toys
Laying down in the ocean or crashing through waves
Hard chest & bum scratches
Gentle belly rubs
Chasing & catching the ball
Full body to body seated hugs


Sudden movements
Being woken up suddenly
Leashed & walked on extremely busy roads
Loud thunder & banging of drums
High energy people
Fireworks/crackers (extreme but reactive to any)
Vet visits


Aged care/hospital therapy dog
Surfing dog

LuLu was found abandoned on the reefs of a popular beach at just under 1 week old.  Her little eyes & ears hadn’t opened yet. Amazingly she was discovered by some caring surfers who were on holidays in Indonesia.

LuLu was rescued however her original rescuers had to leave the country & so an established rescuer within Indonesia took over her rehabilitation.

Her rescuer wishes to secure LuLu a home outside of Indonesia into a country that offers cooler weather, where she can be protected by animal welfare laws & secure a home that offers peace & quiet where she can enjoy life as a family pet.

Photos of when she was a tiny puppy can be obtained via her rescuer.