Name: Miley (tripod)
Breed: Mixed Bali/Kintamani
Age: 1 year
Gender: Female
Size: Medium

Location: UK (90 days)
Funded: Yes

Fully vaccinated
Tick & flea treated

**Gets along with other dogs & is non aggressive**

**Can be with children**

**Has never met a cat but will be absolutely no problems due to her personality**


Bright & Bubbly
Always happy
Extremely intelligent
Learns quickly
Easily controllable
Not confrontational
Not aggressive towards other dogs
Extremely treat motivated
Road smart
Very friendly


Going to the beach/park
Running freely
Hard chest & bum scratches
Belly rubs
Playing with other dogs
Full body to body seated hugs



Tripod Miley was discovered by her rescuer 20 meters from her house.  Miley was hiding in an abandoned house, however since then, occupants have moved in. Miley’s rescuer was driving out one day after completing a daily morning walk with other rescue dogs & saw her lying on the side of the road. At first sight, her rescuer thought she only suffered chornic Demodex Mange but once closer, it was discovered that Miley’s entire front left leg was completely mangled.

At some point, Miley had been abandoned on the streets due to being female & unwell.  She would have suffered Demodex Mange (which is hereditary from her Mother) at a very young age.  At some point, Miley was also run over by a car which led to her leg being in the state it was.

Miley’s leg had to be amputated.  Her survival was very touch & go & she was such a dear, pathetic sight to be had.  A few days after her leg amputation, Miley’s rescuer brought her home to rehabilitate her.  During this time, Miley suffered chronic Kennel Cough & later on was discovered to have severe Anemia caused by a dangerous blood parasite called Babesiosis.  All rehabilitation was completed at home including IV fluids etc to bring Miley back to full health that she is today.

Today, Miley believes she has 5 legs! She is the happiest, most fun loving tripod anyone could ever imagine.  She is loyal, intelligent & obedient & makes the perfect family pet for anyone.

Miley’s rescuer wishes to rehome her outside of Indonesia because unlike the western world, “disabled” dogs are unwanted & will never find the home they deserve.  Miley will bring a bundle of joy into your hearts without a doubt.  Her rescuer will be sad to see her go however her dream is to find Miley the perfect home.

Photos of Miley’s rescue can be obtained via her rescuer.