Name: Ruby
Breed: Mixed Terrier
Age: 6 months
Gender: Female
Size: Small

Location: US/Canada – Immediate/UK – 90 days
Funded: Required

Fully vaccinated
Tick & flea treated

**Gets along with other dogs & is non aggressive**

**Can be with children**

**No history with cats but shouldn’t be a problem due to calm personality**


Always happy
Playful with other dogs
Learns quickly
Very observant
Easily controllable
Always calm
Can stand up for herself
Not aggressive towards other dogs
Extremely treat motivated


Playing with humans & dogs
When you get home
Hanging with you when you’re relaxing
Interactive play with stimulating toys
Gentle belly rubs
Being cute & cheeky


Nothing to mention as yet

Ruby is a female puppy who was force adopted with her brother when they were very young.  Her new owners neglected her & left her unsupervised playing on the road to which she was run over by a scooter, suffering injuries to her back & front paw.

Her owners then poured Kerosine on her paws to stop the bleeding.  Imagine the immense pain this little girl went through.

She was discovered & immediately brought to the vet for initial treatment then her rescuer brought her home & continued her treatment & rehabilitation.  Ruby’s front paw pad had been completely sliced open & it was touch & go whether surgery would be effective.  With encouragement from her rescuer, Ruby’s paw was stitched back together & treated everyday until her paws healed.

Ruby was abandoned to her rescuer & two days later, so was her brother.  Her brother was immediately adopted however, passed away from distemper to which Ruby was also diagnosed however, she was a strong little bear to fight the virus & live. Distemper however has effected her teeth so she will never have “pretty teeth” to look at however, her rescuer finds her totally cute & irresistible.

Ruby would thrive in any situation.  She has an easy going, friendly personality despite all she’s been through at such a young age.

Ruby’s rescuer would like to secure a home for her outside of Indonesia because she fears Ruby may be left unsupervised to fend for herself again or, live in a cage for the rest of her life because she is a cute breed dog.

Photos of Ruby’s rescue can be obtained via her rescuer.